About us

The Swiss luxury watch manufacturers and the magnificent timepieces they create are always rightly praised with the highest accolades.

The pursuit of excellence always takes priority among prestigious Swiss watchmakers. This is no different at our company, as we strive to provide the same quality and professional standards in our services to our clients as the Swiss luxury watch brands we represent do worldwide.

Our team members are highly qualified, professionally up-to-date, and dedicated to their work. Their passion for Swiss watches, their humility, regular Swiss professional training, and nearly 20 years of experience servicing luxury watches guarantee the quality work our clients rightfully expect.

Our professional technical equipment, machinery, and tool inventory meet all the requirements set by the times.

Our services include comprehensive restoration, servicing, and maintenance of both vintage and new watches, along with regularly updated collections of exceptional beauty and perfect value-for-money luxury watches, welcoming watch enthusiasts to our exclusive downtown store!

We provide tailored services to meet individual needs. Alongside expert servicing, we always provide warranties to our clients for the repairs we carry out, supporting the longest possible lifespan of their favorite luxury timepieces.

Our flexible customer service is readily available to assist you!